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Our service has been promising this since we opened on May 1 of last year. We are striving to consistently and constantly improve our offerings and increase the level of development for New York Coin as an alternative to existing payment processors. This is the beginning, but not the end. We are determined to see it through. New York Coin Wallet Cards will be coming soon. Before those come out we are changing how we deliver coin and working with our partners at CryptoFlash.me we will offer New York Coin holders a safe, secure and reputable way to cash out New York Coin which will make it possible to use it as a competitor to other payment processors while still maintaining a fully decentralized system which is not controlled even by us. Imagine using your NYCFlash number in order to receive payments of New York Coin to your wallet and still possessing the keys to that wallet so no one can take your value from you. We are striving to change NYCFlash from a simple WooCommerce store into a payment social network. New York Coin can bring the people of the world together. We ask you to join us in this effort.

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