Why Use New York Coin (NYC)?

Why Use New York Coin (NYC)

1. The main reason is it’s simple – all you need to do is get a New York Coin wallet at the official website nycoin.community, use NYCFlash to buy your coins, fill your wallet and from there send your coins wherever you want them to go. As long as both parties have New York Coin receiving addresses you can make transactions as soon as your wallet is in place. Check our “How to Use New York Coin” article for more information on this.
2. It’s affordable – there are minimal fees to send and no fees to receive. It’s also cheap to buy and you can get New York Coin right here on our website, NYCFlash.me.
3. No one else controls your coins – only you decide where they go. You put in the address and the amount. You can even decide the fee and if you don’t want fees you don’t have to pay them – just change the needed wallet settings. Compared to other value transfer services such as PayPal or Western Union, you stay in control. No one can capriciously freeze your account, because there is no account. They are your coins.
4. Send your money across boundaries with little to no problems. Family member in another country that needs help? Send them some NYC. They are easy to cash out via many different ways. Even in parts of the world with unstable or unreliable banking systems, NYC has everything you and your friends, family, and business partners need to make financial exchanges.
5. New York Coin is fast; Transactions average anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute. What other technology do you know that can move value that fast in so short a time? No more waiting on bank wires, PayPal or Western Union. Their time is over. It’s now the era of New York Coin and when it truly takes off we will be living in a completely different world, where ordinary people can reclaim their authority to decide to do what they want with their own value.
6. The NYC Community DevTeam is hardworking and dedicated – This isn’t an ICO, or a fly-by-night effort. NYC is a fully-realized coin already working today, as we speak. Check the official site at nycoin.community. The NYC development team is grinding day and night, continuously perfecting the code of the coin. The era of NYC is upon us and when this coin fully realizes it’s value and mission, we’ll be living in a completely different world, where ordinary people can reclaim the authority to do what they want with their value, whenever they feel necessary.