How to Install the Core Wallet

For our customers at you may be wondering why we recommend to use the latest Core Wallet. The reason is simple – the Core Wallet is the native source of the New York Coin blockchain. The recent 51% attack on the blockchain was a severe shock and a major

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Introducing Myself and

Hello NewYorkCoin Steemians, We sure are a unique bunch. We love community and building communities within communities and helping each other grow more wealthy simply by having other people do the same as us. Our community is so strong, that every time someone new builds a newyorkcoin wallet with just

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New Mining How-To Video

We are pleased to present to you a new video, with the purpose of introducing new users to the world of mining NewYorkCoin. We hope this video sheds light on some of the nuances in mining NewYorkCoin, and we welcome any and all feedback on the video! Check out the

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