Announcing the NYCFlash Electrum Wallet version 1.0!

Why use this wallet? It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s easy to use. The NYCFlash Electrum Wallet saves you time because you don’t have to wait to sync the entire blockchain. It also does more to address ordinary users needs with a simple and convenient seed phrase to restore your coins with any NYCFlash Electrum Wallet installation anywhere on Earth.

(Hot tip: You can use the create wallet feature to generate a new wallet and seed phrase, email that seed phrase to whomever you are trying to send NYC to and tell them to get NYCFlash Electrum Wallet. It will be a great way to share some New York Coin with a friend or family member who doesn’t have a wallet yet – pre-fill it with some New York Coin and send them the seed to reclaim it and boom, your friend or family member will have some New York Coin.)

NYCFlash is proud to maintain a server in order to accommodate the needs of NYCFlash Electrum users. We encourage you to utilize this wallet to share New York Coin with new people and promote the development of a New York Coin economy. Share New York Coin and use NYCFlash Electrum for Windows or Mac (as soon as possible we will offer Android as well). The point is to make New York Coin more shareable and remove blockages to usage by ordinary people. The ideals of New York Coin represent the highest ideals of humankind and this coin will eventually succeed in connecting the entire world in a renaissance of development and trade but to make it there will require a steady gradual development process. NYCFlash Electrum Wallet is only a beginning.

How to Use NYCFlash Electrum Wallet

1) If you have a pre-existing Electrum-NYC seed phrase it will work. Use it and reclaim your coins if they were at any point stuck. The genius of the seed phrase is as long as you have it, you always will have the coins.
2) Make sure if you are creating a new wallet, save your seed on paper or any off-line method if at all possible. If someone else has your seed they have your coins so keep that in mind.
3) You can send New York Coin to any address compatible with New York Coin from NYCFlash Electrum Wallet. There is no long wait to synchronize. Merely ensure that you have a reliable connection to the Internet running and NYCFlash Electrum Wallet will contact the server.
4) It is up to you whether you require a password for transactions and accessing your wallet. Be careful when sharing a computer with others or in public places.
5) No donations are required to use our server. We are happy to contribute to the development of New York Coin to ensure that there is a vibrant, effective and usable New York Coin economy permitting wide circulation to the public. Check out to see places you can spend your New York Coin using the Coinomi app. When we can we will do our utmost to make available NYCFlash Electrum Wallet for Android and iOS.

Get NYCFlash Electrum Wallet for Windows Get NYCFlash Electrum Wallet for Mac