How to Install the Core Wallet

For our customers at you may be wondering why we recommend to use the latest Core Wallet. The reason is simple – the Core Wallet is the native source of the New York Coin blockchain.

The recent 51% attack on the blockchain was a severe shock and a major loss to much of the Community (including NYCFlash). However, we can all learn from this to only hold our coins in our own personal wallets. So with that in mind we have created this article to show you the steps to install the Core Wallet. We will always show a link to the latest version of the Core Wallet on the top of our website.

With that in mind, the steps are simple to install the wallet:

  1. Download from the link we just mentioned the suitable type of wallet for your machine (PC, Mac or Linux).
  2. Let it sync. The latest wallet version now has the capability to sync in around 2 hours.
  3. Password protect your wallet if you feel the need. Depending on who you live with or your circumstances in general you may not want or need to, but we certainly recommend it.
  4. Import the private key for the address generated when you purchase coin from our service using the following command ‘import privkey “xxxxxxxx”‘ in the Console of the Debug Window under Help where xxxxxxxx is the code we will generate for you and include in your post purchase email. Make sure to drop the apostrophes around the command but leave quotes around the keycode. It will also be available as a QR code. We heartily recommend that every time you purchase New York Coin you import your addresses into a Core Wallet but we recommend as well, the coinomi wallet which is also linked below.

Get the Core Wallet x64 Windows Get the Core Wallet for Mac OSX Get Coinomi (Desktop/Mobile)

WARNING: Users should always treat their New York Coins as real, valuable objects. Do not store coin in precarious places where you may not be able to get them back such as exchanges or web wallets or any service that claims to hold your coins for you.

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