NYCFlash is back! Only for a limited time and here’s why… has made it through the fork and is back to supply our customers but we’ll soon see a major change to our service.

Very soon we will transition to a new web address and a new name and brand identity but the same great service you are used to with an additional selection of choices at our new site – We’re still glad to be the only place online to supply you with New York Coin directly via PayPal but we are moving in a new direction to become the world’s only e-commerce retail store for small–cap crypto coins. When our coins run out, we may stop carrying them but we’ll constantly scour the markets for small cap crypto coins that look undervalued to supply them directly to the public as retail products.

We are not an exchange and we do not trade coins or buy them back from our customers. What we do is supply them directly to you with an additional retail cost save you the stress of trading your coins to get other coins to finally get the coins you want. Instead, you can buy the coins you want from us directly for a premium. We’re here to help you to create a new era of mass adoption for crypto technologies and move away from the concept of exchanges and enable direct retail purchases for crypto.

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