Why Does NYCFlash.me Charge More Than CoinMarketCap Says They’re Worth?

Hello NewYorkCoin Enthusiasts,

I hope you are all doing well.

Today, the NYCoin Discord had a phone meeting regarding the future of NewYorkCoin. We were there, listening, and learning about the future of our coin. ATM’s are coming our way, and this will mean a huge explosion in usability of our coin. Imagine going to the ATM and instantly converting NYC to FIAT – that would be nice. And that is where NYCoin is headed. But we aren’t quite there yet.

We already have a vast network of shops and services which accept NYC, but the only easy way to purchase it is through NYCflash.me. Purchasing NYCoin – much like gold and silver requires you to pay a premium on top of the raw price. If we tied our prices to CMC, we wouldn’t be compensated for the extra work we put in to make things simple for you. That’s the key.

The process of purchasing through NYCflash.me is as simple as using PayPal or a debit card.

Simple. Fast. Easy.

Then there’s the New York Coin – right in your wallet.

There are many other services, and many other ways to purchase the coin. Those processes take several different steps and there are costs and transfer fees at every transaction point. Your $100 USD investment will have to survive more than a couple of bites. Is it possible? Yes. Is it easy? For some. Do you have someone holding your hand at each and every step? No.

To avoid this, you must come to NYCflash.me

Do you have questions about your purchase? Visit us on Discord

Are you new to the crypto scene? Do you have lots of questions? Do you know what a wallet is? Do you know the best place to store coins? Do you know how to keep your money safe? Do you know where to ask for help when a transaction gets stuck? Do you need tutorials on how to use your crypto? Our discord can help.

Are you a content creator who wants to learn about new income streams? Do you want help finding a community of people who are interested in the content you create? Are you looking to familiarize yourself with different NYCoin related platforms?

That is what we do at NYCflash.me. You aren’t just buying a coin, you are joining a community.

Thank you for stopping by here today, hope you have a wonderful day.

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