Introducing Myself and

Hello NewYorkCoin Steemians,

We sure are a unique bunch. We love community and building communities within communities and helping each other grow more wealthy simply by having other people do the same as us. Our community is so strong, that every time someone new builds a newyorkcoin wallet with just 1000NewYorkCoin everyone becomes more wealthy. How? Because coins are only worth as much as their network.

Today we are taking the time to introduce @samiahmed

Sami is the President and General Manager of, the everything NewYorkCoin company that makes it easy to purchase your first crypto. Sometimes, even crypto bloggers get boggled up when it comes to purchasing alt-coins, makes it easy by letting anyone with a debit or credit card purchase the coin.

When you purchase NewYorkCoin through you are purchasing a whole service

And Sami is the person who gives you most of the value. He helps you buy your coin through an easy to use website, teaches you about the best wallet to get (explains what wallets are to super newbies who “don’t get” crypto), how to become a part of the community and how to help use NewYorkCoin for personal growth.

Buying NewYorkCoin makes you a part of a community of social media influencers who want to read your latest post, watch your latest video and listen to your newest song.

Do you want to learn how to use NewYorkCoin to accept payments and tips for your content creation?

Sami will help you set it up, will help you network to meet people in similar fields, and maybe even help you find a fan base. How? Why? Because NewYorkCoin is all about community building and Sami is the best person for that.

Here are some words from Sami

When I joined NYCFlash at the company’s founding, in May 2018 I envisioned a simple system to get this amazing cryptocurrency into general circulation by allowing ordinary people to use a simple pre-existing system like PayPal to get a hold of New York Coin. Simplicity is the key. If people can just buy, pay for and get their NYC, it will be much easier to get ordinary people to use it. If you have to do a huge number of steps, there will be a vanishingly small number of people willing to do that. We need to make it so simple and so easy that no one feels the need to give up.”

And here are some of his future plans

The next step in NYC evolution will be NYC debit cards. We will create a superior system to the point where merchants will want to accept New York Coin just to save the costs associated with fees and eventually Visa and MasterCard will come to realize New York Coin is a major competitor and the New York Coin Community logo will be associated with fast, cheap transactions all over the world.”

We hope you enjoy learning a bit about our President and General Manager. It is the community that makes this coin. Make yourself a part of the community that wants to help you create another source of income. There are over 6 million US dollars worth of NYCoin ready to be spent, come learn how to be a receiver of those benefits.

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