Are Your Ready for a Paid Networking Opportunity?

Are you ready for another NewYorkCoin opportunity?

The best thing about our coin is our community. The value of our coin grows every day as new members join our community. Many of us are official coin ambassadors, and others of us are unofficial coin ambassadors meaning we simply love our coin and HODL it, and sometimes even chat about it with our friends.

One thing many of us have in common is that we love seeing the value of our coin grow, as the community grows.

Here at we like to actively promote growth of our coin, for this reason we are presenting you with a:

Paid Networking Opportunity

Today we are giving you the opportunity to earn NewYorkCoin while actively helping the NewYorkCoin opportunity grow. As part of a networking event we will be paying each participant a bounty of 10,000NYC for commenting with a social media influencer who accepts NYCoin for payment.

Businesses are not the only ones who accept currency. Content creators accept forms of currency too. Many bloggers, you tubers, instagram users, freelancers, sometimes have a tidbit on their site saying that they accept tips. Help them out and invite them to accept NYC in tip form.

We will send them their first tip of 10,000NYC and tell them that it is all thanks to you.

This does a few things for our fellow content creators.

  1. It gives them a new source of tips and income.
  2. It gives them a new community of people to network with.

Here at we are not just a service where you can buy NYCoin from. We are a community of people who like to help each other out. We read each other’s blog posts. We watch each other’s videos. We clap for each other, and we are generous with each other. Invite your favorite content creator to become a part of our community. Comment here with their blog, video source, etc, and post their wallet address. We will make sure to give them a generous tip of 10,000NYC.

Remember that we are a source to purchase NYCoin in an easy and straight forward manner. We are also a place to build community, learn all about our coin, and earn NYCoin with affiliate opportunities and bounties such as this one.

Thank you for being a part of our community, we look forward to seeing lots of comments with lots of businesses who accept the coin and lots of writers and social media content creators as well.

Remember, you can always encourage a business to accept

Do you own a small business, or do you know someone who does? Micro-businesses are welcome too. Do you know a freelancer, Etsy Shop Owner, blogger who accepts tips, editor, cookie baker, baby sitter, etc? Anyone who does business is welcome and encouraged to accept the coin. Help them get started using NYC Coin for payment and then come use this space as a networking opportunity for them.

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