What is New York Coin And What Can I Do With It?

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Who is NYC?
NYC is a community alt-coin that was developed in 2014 as an offshoot of (DOGE) DogeCoin. The blockchain was created in such a manner that even without much development and support, the coin survived. It is because of this resilience and the decentralized nature of the NYC protocoil that the coin can survive as long as there is one functioning node somewhere in the world. To learn more, check out the [official NYC website] at (nycoin.community)

In late 2017, a group of developers and miners who saw the potential awesome power of the coin, revived it to its current state, but the future lying ahead for NewYorkCoin is very bright.

What we have now is pure magic
This coin is 20 times faster than BitCoin and 5 times faster than LiteCoin and has very low fees. It is also backed by an enthusiastic community of people who want to grow the coin. There is power in numbers.

But what can we do with the coin?
You can HODL your NYC and wait for its value to be so high you can buy your own New York City building, or save up for a New York vacation.

You can TRADE your NYC for SBD, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and of course FIAT.

You can BUY STUFF with your NYC. Many merchants accept the coin and even give discounts to those purchasing using the coin.

NewYorkCoin is accepted in the five boroughs of New York City, but its also accepted world wide and online. Did you know you can buy a post partum corset with NewYorkCoin?. We at NYCflash.me don’t need one either, we just want to highlight the versatility of the coin.

But the best part is that you can send value to people you love
You can also, of course, send value to people you don’t like.

With NewYorkCoin, earning value in one country, and sending it to another, is fast and cheap. In fact, it costs the same as sending value to someone sitting right next to you.

The transactions are online and immediate. Once NYCoin is in your wallet, you can send it to any other NYCoin wallet.

How Do I Obtain NYC
You can receive it in the rains. Join the discord group and get paid to chat. The community is excited about the coin and likes to give it away to the newbies. Make sure to tell them you are a Steemian when you join, there’s an “exclusive” community for us.

You can earn it. Do you freelance? Sell goods or own a store? Accept NYC and get paid in the coin.

You can purchase it. There are many ways to purchase but the easiest way is this one

Where do I store my coins?
By joining discord, you automatically get a temporary wallet, but setting up your own is easy.

These instructions will help you see the wallets available. Coinomi is currently the most popular.

images are from NYCflash.me or were developed by the NYC team on discord for public use.

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